Wells Fargo shareholder meeting in San Francisco Tuesday was thronged by hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors who wanted to disrupt the meeting and be heard.

 The annual shareholders meeting of Wells Fargo (NYSE : WFC) in San Francisco Tuesday was thronged by hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in order to disrupt the meeting. Many of the demonstrators had bought company stock in order to enter inside the Merchant’s Exchange Building in the city’s bustling financial district. They waved signs and blocked the street while shouting slogans. However, there were only minor skirmishes between protestors and police.

The protestors were saying that they constituted 99 percent of the company and that they should be allowed in and heard. They also said that the bank should pay its fair share of corporate taxes. Some women demonstrators said that the bank should be ashamed of investing in private prisons and requested for suspending home foreclosures.

The demonstrators wanted Wells Fargo to be more accountable whereas, the demonstration was a token win for them, the real victory will come when other entities intervene and threaten to pull out their money from the bank. Hundreds of shareholders representing groups from throughout California and as far away as New York registered their presence whether inside or outside the venue. They were heard, loud and clear and during the protest, hundreds of union members, activists and clergy members chanted and blocked the street.

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Protesters Throng Wells Fargo (WFC) Shareholder Meeting