On Tuesday, hundreds of protestors comprising of union members, Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and people whose homes have been foreclosed across the country  marched to Wells Fargo (NYSE : WFC) to disrupt the annual shareholders meeting.

The shareholders annual meeting was organized to announce the 28 percent profit which the company earned last year. While the CEO of Wells Fargo , John Stumpf ,was announcing the profit of the bank, fifteen protestors, who were allowed in the meeting as they were shareholders, shouted at him.  In the 40-minute meeting, shareholders approved $19.8 million in salary, stock and other incentives for Stumpf which is about $1 million less from the previous year.

The protestors were  protesting against the bank’s involvement in foreclosures. The police arrested nine protestors on the charges of  trespassing and resisting arrest out of which seven were released.

Resource Link:  Wells Fargo's (WFC) Annual Shareholders Meeting Disrupted by Protestors